Debbie's Poem

Bridge Farm Riding School

Welcome to Bridge Farm Riding School,
We all think it's pretty cool.
If you come down most weekends,
You will meet up with all your friends.
And if you look carefully you'll see,
Quite a few personalities.

First there's Vicki comes Friday noon,
Hits the bottle fairly soon.
She's the one with the paperwork,
Makes sure health and safety's not shirked.
Organises events and is a long term planner,
Does it all in an organised manner.
Team work's the word when she's around,
Don't let her see you leave your stuff on the ground.

Then there's her mother, the lady in pink,
She seems to like Rainbow we all think.
Looks all glamorous when she does a show,
Brings back trophies, it's the pink you know.

André cycles up at about five past eight,
Seems to think he might be late.
Reaches for the rasp in the air,
Ready to attend the manicure care.
He can often be seen bent over double,
Friday and Boyce give him the most trouble.

The Rachel from the house gives her delicate shout,
Does anyone know if my Mums about?
Guess what? There's no food in the house,
Not even enough to feed a mouse.
The fridge is empty, the cupboard is bare,
I'll give up on being a daughter. I should have been a mare.

Then there's Laura, from Enfield she comes,
For all her weekly equestrian fun.
It's a fair old trip of 140 miles,
Yet she always arrives full of smiles.
It's a hell of a devotion she makes each weekend,
She's a really loyal stable friend.
I went to her Barbados wedding,
But what makes her happiest is Toushka's bedding.

Jane the Scottish lass, busy as a bee,
You can see her in summer dressed differently.
Shorts and wellies and Omar's hair on her bum,
She's like a mad aunt and plenty of fun.
She dotes on the old lot, takes them for walks,
An army of children go along and talk.

Catherine fits in the stable as she's a busy miss,
Enters her shed, like Dr. Who's tardis.
She digs at gudge and unblocks drains,
And tries to make out Dillon's not a pain.

Jane Lewis on a Sunday, is in charge of liquidation.
Her main concern is lack of hydration.
She fills up buckets from the hose,
Then around the yard she quickly goes.
Offering water, to each pony and horse,
They think they've got their own barmaid of course.

Then there's Debbie, the boss, as mad as hell,
She gets up when the dogs start to yell.
She wears clothes that are quite a sight,
Admires the going on to the left and the right.
Brian who says their feet are fine,
The feedman who watches the kids get in line.
Sue in the kitchen, newly in charge of tea,
Kieran sweeping the yard admirably.
Children being told, quickly go tack up,
Just help me move this pile of muck.

Run, run as fast as you can,
Quickly come and help this man.
Tidy the barn, go run for the phone.
Help this new person they're all alone.
When kids come and ask what to do,
The jobs vary in number to about 22.
Get them all done by half past four,
Come again next week for more.
So over the year what's been done,
Plenty of jobs plenty of fun.

Toilets in the garden, a girls and a boys,
The bods room moved so you can't make noise.
Straw bales have replaced the seats,
That way it keeps tidy and neat.
Rabbits with a smart new home,
Go and visit so they're not all alone.
Lean to over Vicki's shed,
Stones in the entrance so people can tread,
New feed room in the centre of the yard,
Six huge stables, to miss them would be hard.
Extra horses, four extra stalls,
Lights and water drinkers skillfully installed.
Piles of stones to fill the puddles,
Out in the paddock it's less of a muddle.
Now what we all have to do, is keep it all working.
And that's up to me and all of you.